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Do not wash: chandeliers, blinds, sconces, walls, tiles in the bathroom (only tiles near the sink and bath / shower), ceiling.

Do not move large items (sofas, cabinets, refrigerator).

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to order window cleaning separately?

Of course, we are engaged in seasonal window cleaning, as well as washing windows after renovation.

If you order a seasonal window cleaning along with cleaning the apartment, then the cost will be 110 UAH per window (130 by 140 cm). If you order separately only window cleaning, without cleaning the apartment – 160 UAH 1 window (130 by 140 cm).

If you have large panoramic windows, the cleaner will visually determine on the spot how many standard windows are included in 1 large one, and the manager will calculate the cost accordingly.

The cost of washing windows after renovation is 130 UAH per 1 sq. M. on both sides. The minimum cost of leaving for cleaning windows after repair is 1500 UAH.

What we absolutely DO NOT do in cleaning?

1. We don’t wash chandeliers! Never! Chandeliers are different: fiercely expensive, with a large bunch of small details, crystal, with a lot of details, they often need to be removed, our cleaners cannot do it yet, but we are trying! We do the work either well or in no way!

2. Blinds. As practice shows, that the blinds are not far away from the chandeliers They break at the first touch, they break off. Dedusting, etc. is not an option, the best thing is to disassemble and wash under water. Disassembling is a problem, we may not assemble!

3. We do not move bulky items heavily. Why? We employ fragile women, they cannot lift and move weights: refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, sofas, tables, cabinets, heavy flower pots. In addition to injury, it can damage your floor.

4. We do not clean mattresses, furniture, we only vacuum them. We don’t have dry cleaning.

5. Do not wipe the dust on the leaves of flowers.

6. Do not clean the hood inside, only the facades.

What is a cleaning subscription and how do I use it?

A subscription is a monthly cleaning package, that is, if you order at least 2 cleaning sessions per month. This package is valid for exactly 30 days from the date of the first cleaning. Also, after the first cleaning, you pay the full cost of the subscription, you can calculate it here (block “Cleaning packages for a month”). Then the next day we will write to you in the messenger (usually Telegram, Viber) that you have paid for the subscription, we will indicate to what date it is valid and specify when you plan the next / next cleaning.

We do not renew our subscription! That is, if you bought a subscription for 3 cleanings on May 1, and used 2 cleanings on May 1 and May 30, we will not be able to schedule 3 cleaning for the following days. We will be able to save the cost of the paid cleaning, but you will need to pay the difference, equivalent to the cost of the same one-time cleaning only. That is, you paid for a subscription for 3 basic cleaning for a 1-room apartment = UAH 2100 (UAH 700 for each cleaning) – we keep the cost of UAH 700 + UAH 50 surcharge (because a basic one-time cleaning costs UAH 750).

How do you select cleaners?

This is a long story … first we check for adequacy according to external criteria, then according to the databases for the presence of convictions, bad credit histories, then we invite you to the training, show, tell, explain and talk a hundred times about how to talk with a client, how to behave, what and where to clean. After the training, future cleaners write a test of 100 cleaning questions. If the test is written well💯, we say the errors again and send them to the next stage. Then the cleaner undergoes an internship with a senior cleaner, and if there are no comments, only then starts real orders.

I am afraid that I will be badly cleaned. How to be?

They said about the training. We are working on funds, while there is no universal company, but we are trying to find! We clean according to standards, but be that as it may, something can go wrong, so the client is asked to check the cleaning on the spot and the manager. A little something wrong – we fix everything at once or return the money.

After you have finished cleaning, the cleaner will leave a checklist📝. This is not just a piece of paper with marks☝🏼, this is our internal document in which the cleaner should mark with his hand what he did in your cleaning. By following the marked positions, you can easily check the work. Before you check the work – the cleaner does not change clothes and does not leave the apartment.

🤔What to do if:

1️⃣If the cleaner is still in the apartment, and you find stains or dust.

Do not hesitate to tell the cleaner about it, be sure! It is not at all difficult for us to wash, to rub, to polish. The cleaner is always ready for something that needs to be redone or completed.

2️⃣If the cleaner is gone, and you find that something is not cleaned.

Write to us or send a photo‼ ️

3️⃣If you didn’t manage to accept the cleaning, and when you arrived home you saw that it was done poorly. Write or call us.

Our service is designed for great customer feedback. Therefore, any photos or reviews only strengthen our relationship🙌🏼. All staff are responsive and ready for customer feedback обратной. We love you and want to give you joy, and if you swear at us, we listen to everything with lowered eyes 😓, correct and apologize 😚.

We are confident that this is how honest and strong relationships are built❤️

I am afraid that something will be stolen or damaged from me. What to do?

How do we deal with this? We select employees for an interview, check passport data, test. We have our own staff and there are no people for part-time jobs or one-day jobs. We will compensate for the damage.

How to pay?

We always take payment at the end of the cleaning, after you have checked everything. If you have any comments, we are ready to fix everything on the spot. You can pay either in cash with a cleaner, or on our privat24 card. If the payment is on the card – during the cleaning, the manager will send you the details.

Can you wash the ceiling?

Yes, as long as you provide a stable surface and it won’t damage the ceiling.

Why does the basic cleaning not include washing windows, balconies, inside the refrigerator, inside the microwave, inside the cabinets?

We clean from clients 2-4 times a month, and cleaning of these surfaces is required on average once a month, so we included them in an additional service.

Do you dry-clean furniture?

During cleaning, the cleaner vacuums all furniture by default. But if you need stain removal and steam treatment, then it is better to contact specialized services.

Do you clean after renovation?

Yes, this is a separate type of cleaning that requires equipment for industrial cleaning (industrial vacuum cleaner, steam generator, foam cleaner, etc.). The cost of such cleaning is from 35 UAH per 1 sq.m. up to 120 UAH We call 2,3 and more cleaners to the site, who work under the supervision of the foreman. We have written in more detail about such cleaning in this article.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question – ask our polite and courteous manager. We will answer very quickly and with love 🙂